Activate Roku Using Roku Com Link Code

Roku is basically a streaming media player available in many different models at different price ranges. They deliver both online channels as well as cable TV channels at minimal costs through partnering apps. Not just entertainment channels, but also, gaming, fitness and much more is available on the platform. In order to enjoy these features that the device offers, you must not forget to activate it using a Roku com link code.

What is Roku Com Link Code?

The Roku link code is nothing but your gateway to your Roku device without which you will be unable to activate the device. So, what’s the link code and how does one retrieve it from the Roku-connected television set?

  • It is an alphanumeric code which is case sensitive
  • The code appears when you connect the device to an internet source
  • You need a Roku account to enter this code
  • This will in return link your Roku and the com link account

How To Find Roku Com Link Code From TV?

When you first buy a Roku, you will have to set it up with your TV or complete the setup in case it is a Roku TV.

  • The initial setup involves setting the language and location for your device
  • After which, you will be prompted to choose a network connection for it
  • In case your device supports a LAN port, choose the wired connection method
  • Otherwise, all Roku players are capable of connecting to a wireless router or network switch
  • Depending on the method, the next set of steps will vary
  • Either way, you will be asked to enter your network password
  • Therefore, note it down before you begin and then, complete the network connections
  • As soon as this step is over, the device will attempt to install or update a few software
  • The software update completes and immediately, you see a code on your TV
  • This is nothing but the Roku com link code
  • Note it down and enter the same on your com link account

How To Find Roku Com Link Code From TV

Things to Note About the Roku Com Link Code

Things to Note About the Roku Com Link Code

The link code is no complex item and can be easily used for activation if you follow all steps carefully. However, there are a few instances when you can go wrong while entering this code. When entering the Roku code link, you might come across some technical errors. Let’s have a look at these possibilities now;

  • The case-sensitive link code was entered incorrectly
  • The code was noted down wrongly in the first place
  • It has expired and hence no longer valid
  • Most activation link codes are active between 10 to 15 mins
  • Your internet connection is faulty or slow during the activation process
  • The Roku server is down when you entered the code

If you face any of the above-mentioned issues, then check out the troubleshooting section in this article.

Roku Device Setup

For the device setup to be complete, you need both the Roku com link code as well as a link account to enter it. Therefore, we would suggest that you begin with the account setup process first and then retrieve the code. That way, as soon as you get the code, you can enter it in the corresponding Roku account. Once you enter the code and it also gets accepted by the server, then you will see the home screen menu on your TV. If that didn’t turn out well, then check out for remedies in the troubleshooting section.

Troubleshooting Roku Setup Errors

Similar to any other electronic device, setup errors are common with respect to Roku too. Here are a few quick remedies that you can rely on for overcoming them;

  • Check the code properly while noting down and before entering in the account
  • The internet connection must be uninterrupted
  • Disconnect other devices from the router during Roku setup
  • Also, check if there are any Roku outages during the setup process

Some complex Roku com link code issues may require better help which you can find at our toll-free number +1-805-436-5800 or visit Roku Link Code.