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You’re no longer obliged to satellite or cable companies if you want a broad range of television options. Thanks to the all-new streaming devices from Roku, it’s never been easier to cut the cord. Roku is a streaming player or a digital media player. You can stream movies, TV shows, songs and any entertainment content by using Roku link code. The device acts more like a DVD player where you do not have to insert a CD. Type the URL Roku.com/link and enter the Roku activation link code to setup your Roku player.

How Does Roku Work? Roku Setup

Connect your Roku linking device to your TV with the HDMI cable; for older television sets use a composite video cable to connect it. The basic thing is you need to use a Roku link code to get the device working and to get internet connectivity.

Once you connected the device with the internet, get the Roku com link enter code and paste it on www.roku.com/link. To finish the step, you will need to create Roku.com link account and link it with your device. Then you can start to stream.

Just like downloading the video from the internet, you can start watching it on your Roku TV; this works much like installing apps on a smartphone or tablet.

How does Roku work

Lineup of Roku Devices

The Roku comes in five models. Find the details about the list of models below.

The Roku Express and Roku Express Plus are the very first and basic model of Roku streaming devices. Additionally, in the plus model, you have the capacity to connect to TVs that don’t have HDMI ports.

The Roku Streaming Stick and Stick Plus comes with wireless connectivity option. It also has voice search with the help of the Roku remote which supports 4K and HDR video content.

The Ultra model is the latest version of roku.com/link code streaming device. It has almost similar specifications like the other model Roku devices.

Along with the existing features, you get an Ethernet port, a micro-SD slot, USB port and a lost remote finder.

How to Create a Roku Account

You should have a Roku account to activate and enjoy the contents of Roku devices. Roku doesn’t charge anything for Roku account creation.

  • Fill in your details in the Roku.com/signup form to create a Roku account.
  • You should also provide the credit card details. Though Roku doesn’t charge anything for activation, you can use this payment information to subscribe or buy a channel or video.
  • You can change the payment information from the “My Roku account” from the website My.roku.com/signin

Steps for Roku Device Activation

After you create your Roku account, visit the website. Sign in with the Roku username and password.

  • Make a note of the Roku link code from your TV screen.
  • Go to Roku.com/link for entering the Roku activation code to link your Roku streaming device.
  • After you enter the Roku.com activation link code, your Roku device activation is successful.

Steps to set up a Roku streaming device

You should have a working internet connection to set up a Roku device. You can choose either a wired or wireless internet connection. The setup process is almost common for all the Roku streaming devices. Roku streaming stick alone has a different setup.

Steps to Connect your Roku Device to a Wireless Network

The basic setup for a Roku.com/link device is to connect the device to a working internet connection. You can connect your Roku device to a wireless network with the help of the go.roku.com/wireless guidance. Power on both your Roku device and TV.

  • You will see a list of networks that are available.
  • Look for the name of your wireless network from the list.
  • Provide the password you have set for your wireless network. Remember, Passwords are case sensitive. Be careful and enter the password correctly.
  • Choose the show password to see the password you enter.
  • After you connect the Roku device to the network, the roku.com/link code device will download the latest version software.
  • After it downloads, it will install the new version software.

Connecting Roku Device to a Wired Internet Connection

You can also setup your Roku device with the wired internet connection.  You can connect your Roku device directly to a router. Follow the steps given below and setup the Roku device with a wired internet setup.

  • Have an Ethernet cable ready to establish a wired internet connection.
  • Have an HDMI cable ready to connect to the TV and the Roku device.
  • After you connect the Roku device to the Router with the help of an Ethernet cable, power ON both the TV and the Roku device.
  • You need to complete the installation and activation to enjoy the Roku device.

Roku Wired Setup

How to Activate Channels on Roku?

Roku Channel Activation

Roku Channel activation is simple and once you activate you can stream the top channels that are on demand. With the help of a set of guidelines the process becomes simple. Choose your favorite channels and the best part is that the no subscription charges are needed for free channels. To begin with the process, just navigate to the channel store and search for the channel by typing the channel name in the required space. By tapping on the add channel option the channel will be successfully added to your account. But few channels require channel activation code and the TV Provider credentials. Directives will appear on your device screen which you can read and proceed with. Roku.com/link is the page where you can type the code to link the device.

Get Hold of the Major Attractions on Roku Channels List – Roku Link Code

Roku, a pompous proprietor of all channel genres has access to the major attractions on the entertainment field. Big players like Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu Plus are a part of the Roku channel list. Here are some of the most preferred channels list based on its genres.

From HBO Go to MLB to Spotify, you can find a range of channels. Choose from a vast library of more than 4,500+ channels. Search based the Genre, movie name, actor or whatever you are looking for. You will have a channel to satisfy every need of yours.

Roku Channel Activation Errors

As mentioned earlier, you can add channel on your Roku account after linking it. But one might face trouble with activating the channel due to some technical faults. To overcome such troubles, you can troubleshoot them with these simple yet powerful tips.

The foremost of all is to restart the streaming device. If that doesn’t help, you can go ahead with checking your wireless internet connection. Even when you mistyped your username and password, you will get an error. You must make sure that you carry out each and every step mentioned in the manual guide. The right steps will lead to quick channel activation whereas a single wrong step will get you an error. When your account becomes invalid, you have no option other than creating a new account. If you overcome these errors, you can easily activate your channel in less than ten minutes. Your channel will be ready to stream.

Roku Error Codes

Roku error codes occur frequently due to several reasons and they are quite annoying. It is essential to recognize the issue on your Roku device to find a correct solution.  Here is the list of Roku error codes that you come across, while using the device.

Roku error code 001

This error occurs when your device is not connected to the network.

Roku error code 003

If you are using the Roku streaming player for a long time, you would get used to this error. Software update will set things right.

Roku error code 009

This error arises when you do not get the network access. In the such an event you will have to restart the device and cross check the network settings.

Roku error code 014

If you hit upon this error, you can check the network credentials to resolve, as it arises due to the network connection issue.

Roku errors are common if you start using the device or while activating the device. The errors are of different types and it is important to start identifying the type of the error first. Below are few tips and tricks to avoid these errors

Roku Error Codes

  • If it is a Roku account error check and make sure that the account is active. Deactivate the account and start activating it again.
  • It is a network related issue check and verify the network credentials that you use with the help of go.roku.com/connectivity.
  • For completing the Roku.com setup there are few setup steps to be done. Try not to miss any of these steps during the Roku link code activation.
  • All you need to do is to visit the respective Roku.com/link  page and start the setup right away.
  • Restarting the device is the best option for avoiding all most all the Roku errors.


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